#3776 Century PNB-10000 Bourgogne w/ leather case (PNB-10000#71F)


  • $735.00


Enjoying a fountain pen is like enjoying wine. It'd be a pleasant issue that a pen-body would deepen its colour like a nib becomes more familiar with its writer each day.

The name "Bourgogne" is taken from a French wine producer. It comes with Platinum's latest technology and innovative cap design, the "Slip & Seal" mechanism which prevents drying out for up to 24 months. It also features a gold-plated trim and a smooth-writing 14K gold nib.

  • Nib: 14K Gold
  • Nib size: F (Fine)
  • Filling system: Cartridge or Converter
  • Pen weight: 20.5g
  • Length: 139.5mm × 15.4mm (maximum diameter)
  • Ink: Platinum ink or Converter-500 (sold separately)


    Platinum #3776 CENTURY Bourgogne(布根地)名字來自法國的紅酒產地,配備了 Platinum 筆蓋設計,"Slip & Seal" 技術防止墨乾長達24個月。具有鍍金裝飾及維持順暢書寫的14K金筆嘴。

    筆嘴: 14K金
    筆嘴尺寸: F (Fine)
    補充方式: 替換墨水匣或轉換器
    重量: 20.5g
    長139.5mm × 最大直徑15.4mm
    墨水補充: Platinum 墨水 或轉換器-500 (可另購)


    The #3776 was made available to the public beginning in 1978. After just six months, over 150,000 pens had been sold, and its popularity has been maintained ever since. #3776 expresses the height in meters of Mt. Fuji, the highest and most beautiful peak in Japan.

    Platinum #3776 鋼筆系列於1978年面世。僅僅6個月,銷量超過15萬支,並從此一直保持其知名度。#3776 數字代表以米作單位的富士山高度 — 日本最高、最美麗的山峰。

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