POD Caddy Cable Holder 極簡完美電線收納儲存器


  • $88.00

The POD Caddy Cable Holder is Intelligently designed hand flatterer with two sides - one made of soft silicone that can be easily turned inside out. The other made of sturdy steel, which protects the stored cables from dirt and breakage. 

It is a precious accessory not only stores your travel cables and headphones; but also doubles as a cable anchor and ring dish.

The PODs can hold up to 1 meter of cables allowing you to keep the length short when not in use.  Charging plug, in-ear headphones, headset - the POD doesn't give you a chance to get tangled. All cables disappear into the POD within seconds. You can unroll it just as quickly if necessary. Just hold it with one hand and pull with the other. The POD is your designer accessory that accompanies you in your pocket, sports bag or handbag. Or hold the position directly on the laptop with the charging cable.

Another great thing about the POD is its flexibility. In a double sense! Thanks to the foldable silicone side, you can turn it into an elegant bowl with two levels in no time at all, storing little things like wedding rings, keys, screws ... 

  • 最好的數據線停泊器
  • 電線好夥伴
  • 全面性完整的保護
  • 可存放小東西
  • 完美結合家中有線產品
  • 終極多功能手機支架
  • 可摺疊設計


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