Diamond Set of Mechancial Pencils (6 colors) 52170N2001PL


  • $470.00


KOHINOOR HARDTMUTH a.s.6種顏色的筆身配備相應顏色的2mm厚的石墨或彩色鉛筆芯,分別為紅色,藍色,綠色,黃色,黑色和褐色,每支按鈕內藏一個小小的筆刨刀,這細心的設置,方便您攜帶外出時,隨時隨地都能獨立地削尖筆芯。套裝更附帶傳統的金屬鉛筆盒和橡皮擦,復古色彩更添加文化氣息。

Czech national mechanical pencil stationery factory, The KOH-I-NOOR produce the 1st mechanical pencil from 1790, provide art material stationeries for over 60 countries in the world, products close to 5000 kinds. In 1900, it won a Grand Prix Award in the Paris; over 200 years, cross 3 centuries, and which is the most anciently pencil factory.

KOHINOOR HARDTMUTH a.s. Set of 6 mechanical pencils in 2mm thickness with graphite or pastel cores designed, including red, blue, green, yellow, black and brown. A small sharper hide in the button of the pencil, It helps you easy to sharp the refill anytime, wherever you go. The kit comes with a traditional metal pencil case and eraser, its vintage feeling may raise up the cultural sense.


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