Solid 925 Silver and Indian Water Buffalo Horn, 18 ct rose gold plated 925純銀印度天然黑水牛角墨水筆, 18ct鍍玫瑰金


  • $2,688.00

This fountain pen is handmade out of natural buffalo horn,  sterling silver 925 plated details, solid silver grip, and with Guilloche engraving.

Customers are assured to buy truly precious writing instruments as Grifos belongs to the Italian silversmith guild, which complies with both compulsory Italian and European law. This compliance is verified by marking each writing instrument with a rhombus shaped stamp encasing the mark “*AO 28”, the company's guild symbol and oval stamp "925". These stamps insure each customer that solid silver 925 is used.

The pen is compatible with the double-use refilling system i.e. both converter and cartridges can be applied. The pen is delivered with pumping converter inside. Encased in a made-in-Italy pen gift box with the authentic origin certificate. Lifelong technical assistance is guaranteed.

Nib size: F or M

  • Pen cap & barrel: Natural buffalo horn & solid sterling silver (925)
  • Pen fitting parts Rose gold/silver plated
  • Refilling system Converter or International standard cartridges
  • Country origin Aosta Valley, Italy
  • Dimensions: Length 140 mm Diameter Max 16 mm
  • Weight: 36 gr


意大利 Grifos 這款手製墨水筆,筆桿由印度天然「黑水牛角」製造,每支都有其獨特材質紋理。而手握處及筆蓋紋飾均由925純銀鑿刻製造,無論是物料或顏色配合,平實之餘就如一位好伙伴,給予愛筆之人一種精神層次的安慰與支持。

筆環上刻有Grifos 筆款系列名稱,筆身上印有925 純銀印記和AO 28 (Grifos在意大利銀匠同業公會的會員代碼) 為憑証,隨筆亦附上意大利製墨水筆禮盒、生產保證書及可拆卸式吸墨器乙套。

Grifos 墨水筆由著名手工純銀筆廠Grifos 位於意大利西北部「奧斯塔山谷」(Vallée d'Aoste) 的自家工場打造,每支墨水筆均靠專業工匠人手製成。
一整支筆不論筆桿或配件,皆由925 純銀以手工鑿刻拋光打造而成。配上Grifos 特製的不鏽鋼鍍18K金筆尖(Fine & Medium 尖均有),正面更刻有Grifos 徽章,盡顯獨特矜貴。


筆尖: F 或M


  • 筆蓋及筆桿: 天然黑水牛角及925 純銀打造
  • 金屬配件:鍍玫瑰金/ 純銀
  • 替換筆芯方法: 兼容吸墨器或國際標準卡式墨水
  • 產地: 意大利奧斯塔山谷
  • 尺寸: 長140毫米最大直徑16 毫米
  • 重量: 36 克

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