Tenori Stamp/Roll Adhesive Stamp Tenori 按壓滾筒兩用印貼機


  • $39.00

Product Features:
  • Nichiban's Tenori adhesive stamp lets you apply adhesive in two ways—stamp or roll!
    • Stamping - position the stamp and simply press the plunger, a small rectangle of adhesive is instantly applied.  Good for glueing small areas.
    • Rolling - push the guide into the body, tilt the stamp to align the red guide dot with the surface to be glued, and start rolling. A continuous strip of adhesive is applied.
  • Perfect for pasting photos, scrapbooking, making envelopes and other craftwork.
  • The strong acid-free adhesive is light blue with a dot pattern.
  • Stamped rectangles measure approximately 7 x 10 mm each.
  • One roll of adhesive tape is 6.5 m long and can stamp approximately 600 rectangles.
  • Refills are available.
  • Made in Japan


  • 按壓式及滾筒式兩用功能
    - 按壓式:將白色外框對準所需黏貼部位,然後按壓即能黏貼,適用於黏貼面積較細的地方
    - 滾筒式:將白色外框推至機身,將所需黏貼位置與頂端紅點對齊,然後拉動即可
  • 瞄準設計,準確控制黏貼位置
  • 方便不黏手,一按即黏
  • 適用範圍廣泛,可貼郵票、相、收據、信封及其他手工藝品
  • 淺藍色圓點花紋無酸黏合劑,強黏力勁且不傷紙張表面
  • 按壓式膠紙尺寸:7 x 10mm
  • 一卷膠帶長6.5m,可按壓600次
  • 可替換膠帶芯
  • 日本製造


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