Tea-Totum Tea Infuser 旋轉陀螺泡茶隔


  • $58.00

Tea time is a relaxing time.  Soothe your body as you soothe your mind with the spinning of the top after steeping.

Specification : 12.5 x 5.6cm / 4.9 x 2.2 inch
Material : silicone + stainless steel
Usage: Remove the metal dish to add loose tea leaves. With the intuitive silicone edge design, snap the two parts together before steeping. "A simple spin agitates the tea leaves. This little trick helps to release and distribute the full flavors of the tea into the water. "
Suitable temperature: 0°C - 100°C


規格:12.5 x 5.6厘米/4.9 x 2.2英寸
使用方法:取下金屬盤以添加鬆散的茶葉。通過直觀的矽膠邊緣設計,在浸泡之前將兩個部分卡在一起。 “一個簡單的旋轉就攪動了茶葉。這個小竅門有助於將茶的全部風味釋放並分配到水中。”
適用溫度:0°C -100°C

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