Thai Beauty Black Tea (Loose Leaf 50g) 泰北美人紅茶 (散茶50g)

The Third Day

  • $240.00

Thai Beauty is a highly oxidized black tea with sweet and honey-like aromas. The liquor is amber in colour, strong but smooth on the palate, mellow with a long-lasting sweet finish. It also embodies the attributes of “Oriental Beauty Tea”, whose name was given by Queen Elizabeth II after trying. Our beauty tea carries the natural flavor and charms of northern Thailand. This is the top-tier loose leaf tea of The Third Day.

  • Number of infusions for each tea bag: 3 or above
  • Polylactic acid triangular tea bag with no microplastics
  • Chemicals-free "Do-nothing" farming practice (aka Natural Farming Practice) to restore ecological equilibrium
  • Fertilizer free
  • Pesticide free, insecticide free and herbicide free
  • Tested by SGSHK's laboratory to be pesticide free and meet the standard of heavy metal limit
  • Harvest from The Third Day's own plantation in northern Thailand
  • Fair trade with small farmers
  • Quality approved by senior tea appraiser
Keeping of the Tea
- Store in cool and dry place 
- Avoid direct sunlight and storing in places with smell
Product features:
Content: 50g loose leaf x 1 pack
Weight: 50g
Ingredients: Black tea tea leaves from Thailand by natural farming, French blue lavender
Origin: Northern Thailand
Shelf life: 2 year

泰北美人:甜美濃香 ​Luscious & Aromatic



  • 香濃蜂蜜香及熱情果香
  • 茶濃味香,適合有品味及愛茶人士
  • 「第三天」現時最優質純茶品
  • 使用自然農法,毫無人工化學添加,恢復農地生態平衡
  • 無施肥,茶樹扎根較深
  • 無農藥、殺蟲劑、除草劑
  • 經SGSHK檢測:歐盟473種農藥全部未檢出,通過香港重金屬標準
  • 泰國北部自家茶園直送
  • 小農公平貿易
  • 高級評茶師鑑定品質


內容:50克散茶 X 1包

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