Coat Highlighter Ink Charger 螢光筆補充墨水


  • $30.00

螢光筆是用來標記重點的好伙伴。不過,螢光筆用完後通常都無法再補充新墨芯,而 Tombow 就推出了蛍Coat補充墨水,讓螢光筆頭像件海綿一樣,放進墨水中便可吸墨,補充墨水。一瓶大概充到10次,樽身套用防倒瀉設計,不但方便,而且不需要用完一支螢光筆就要掉走,夠環保。

To "re-charge" your Coat Highlighter, simply place its chisel end into this bottle of ink and let it stand for a few minutes. Leaving it in for 1 minute refills the highlighter about 20%, 5 minutes for 70%, and 10 minutes for 100%.

One bottle of charger contains enough ink for approximately 10 full refills, and one highlighter may be refilled up to approximately 5 times. 

Grand Prize winner of the Stationery of the Year at the ISOT 2003 (International Stationery and Office Products Trade Fair). 

Good Design Award 2003 winner.

Red Dot Design Award 2003 winner.

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