Upcycling Mixed Fabric Shoulder Bag 循環再造拼布斜背袋


  • $108.00

Mixed fabric shoulder bag transformed from a flour bag, suitable as leisure bags and small bags for outings and hikings.
  • Combined with dark blue cloth to create a unique style
  • The zipper design to better protect personal belongings
  • The hiking buckle to hang small objects e.g. keys
  • Adjustable diagonal strap to fit people of different body types
  • Exquisite handwork, with two layers of flour bag cloth inside and outside, adding more layering and texture.
(There are various brands of flour bags, so the cloth pattern may not be the same)

Main material: Flour bag (cotton/polyester)

Size: 21.5 x 28.5 cm
The total length of the cross strap: 70-130 cm (adjustable length)


【Ms Flour - Brand Story】
This is a brand upcycling used flour bags to daily products. Flour bags are locally recycled from food processing factories. They were disposed to landfills but are now upcycled. With its food safe and fine quality of cotton or polyester material, every product comes with a unique pattern and style.



  • 麵粉袋拼深藍布,別具風格
  • 拉鏈設計更妥善保護隨身物品
  • 行山扣可以扣掛小物(如鎖匙)
  • 斜帶可調較長度,適合不同身型的人士使用
  • 手工精美,內外兩層麵粉袋布,更添層次和質感。

主要材料:麵粉袋(棉 / 滌淪)
尺寸:21.5 x 28.5 cm
斜背帶總長度:70 - 130 cm(可調整長度)


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