Wake-Up Tea 45g (10 x 4.5g tea bags) 覺醒紅茶 (4.5克茶包 X 10個)

The Third Day

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Wake-Up Tea : Invigorating & Boost Immunity

Introducing The Third Day's first blended black tea which is strong and sweet. Sweet on the nose and melony on the palate, this full-bodied tea will awaken some hearty memories! While Hong Kong is the best symbol of East meeting West, this tea is a meticulous creation with Chinese tea flavor and Western honey-like aroma, but in no way bitter. 

A little secret for you: try adding a slice of lemon to the tea, you will be surprised by this sugar-free Lemon Tea!
Our recipe consists of Do-Nothing Farming Teas from The Third Day. Rich in Catechin, it helps fend off various diseases.
  • Good for brewing lemon tea
  • Number of infusions for each tea bag: 3 or above
  • Polylactic acid triangular tea bag with no microplastics
  • Chemicals-free "Do-nothing" farming practice (aka Natural Farming Practice) to restore ecological equilibrium
  • Fertilizer free
  • Pesticide free, insecticide free and herbicide free
  • Tested by SGSHK's laboratory to be pesticide free and meet the standard of heavy metal limit
  • Harvest from The Third Day's own plantation in northern Thailand
  • Fair trade with small farmers
  • Quality approved by senior tea appraiser
Keeping of the Tea
- Store in cool and dry place 
- Avoid direct sunlight and storing in places with smell

- 10 x 4.5g tea bags in polylactic acid biodegradable triangular tea bags
- Net weight: 45g
- Black tea
- Source:  Northern Thailand
- Shelf life: 1 year

Brewing Method for Wake-Up Tea
  1. Brew directly without washing the tea bag
  2. Water: 250ml, temperature at 85-100°C
  3. 1st brew: 2.5 minutes, then take the tea bag out of the cup
  4. 2nd brew: Around 5 minutes, again take the tea bag out of the cup.
  5. 3rd brew: More than 10 minutes, the tea bag can stay in the infusion.
覺醒紅茶 : 提神保健 


  • 濃厚蜜香味,芳香療癒心神
  • 茶湯濃厚而不苦,提神必備
  • 可用作沖泡檸檬茶
  • 每個茶包可沖泡3次以上
  • 聚乳酸 (Polylactic acid) 三角茶包,不會釋放微塑膠
  • 使用自然農法,毫無人工化學添加,恢復農地生態平衡
  • 無施肥,茶樹扎根較深
  • 無農藥、殺蟲劑、除草劑
  • 經SGSHK檢測:歐盟473種農藥全部未檢出,通過香港重金屬標準
  • 泰國北部自家茶園直送
  • 小農公平貿易
  • 高級評茶師鑑定品質
- 放置於清涼及乾爽的地方
- 避免被陽光直接照射及有雜味的地方

- 內容:10個玉米纖維聚乳酸 (Polylactic acid)可降解(Biodegradable)三角茶包 X 每個4.5克(獨立包裝)
- 重量:45克
- 成分:泰國自然農法紅茶茶葉
- 來源:泰國北部
- 保質期:1年

  1. 茶包毋需洗茶,可直接沖泡
  2. 以水溫:85-100°C,用水量:250ml 來沖泡
  3. 第一泡:約2分30秒,將茶包抽離茶湯
  4. 第二泡:約5分鐘,將茶包抽離茶湯
  5. 第三泡:10分鐘以上,不必將茶包抽離茶湯

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