FingerART Paper Art Model - Dukling Junk - Icon of Hong Kong (T.S.T Piers) | FingerART紙藝模型 - 鴨靈號 - 香港象徵(尖沙咀碼頭)


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You only need cutter, glue and some patience to assemble!

Material / Quality Paper
Dimension: 125 (D) x 170 (W) x 115 (H)mm

Dukling Junk - The authentic antique sightseeing boat in Hong Kong
She represents Hong Kong's treasurable history, glorious, and a well known icon of Hong Kong. She keeps fighting for the mission of cultural heritage and brings a unique human touch to guests all over the world! Hope the everlasting passion can be passed on!

*Pre-cut paper Parts.
Glue is almost not required to assemble. Only some parts need to glue. The model is precisely designed and produced, and you only need to follow the instructions to assemble it. Ideal for origami paper folding, pleats and to build paper models like this one.

*Copyright* This product is the original design of FingerART


鴨靈號 - 香港正宗的古董觀光船
她代表著香港的悠久歷史及光榮的過去,並成為著名的香港標誌。 她一直肩負香港文化遺產的重要使命,並為世界各地來到香港的客人,展現獨特及難忘的香港特色!

材質/ 優質紙
尺寸: 125 (D) x 170 (W) x 115 (H) mm

FingerART模型是經過精確設計和生產的,您只需要按照說明書制作即可完成模型。 FingerART以工業級標準生產,是結合了不同先進的雕刻技術制做的產品。FingerART改進和完善了傳統的紙製工藝。 

*版權* 此產品是FingerART的原創設計

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