Sometimes You Feel Like....Storybook 有時候小書

All Things Bright and Beautiful

  • $45.00

Sometimes you feel like a shell-less turtle, a piece of gum, or a whale on land. But when life gets you down - remember that hope happens every single day.

16-page full color storybooks that are also cards! A creative way to send a personalized, encouraging and humorous message.

Language: English

Size: 14.8 x 10.3 cm

Paper : Smooth, 200 gsm, cream white paper 

Envelope: Cream white (120 gsm)

有時候,你感到自己像一隻無殼的烏龜、一塊口香糖、或一隻在陸地上的鯨魚。 當生活讓你失望時,記得希望在每一天發生。

16頁的全彩色故事書,是書也可以是卡! 是一個有創意的方式將你想表達的信息送給人。

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