T³ Ruler

Yuan Design Studio

  • $458.00

Different from standard Y-shape ruler usually contains 6 scales which may not be enough for professional design, T³ Ruler consists of 3 T-rulers with 12 scales held together by precise magnetic design.

The concept of T³ comes from Tower Crane - an agile machinery that offers amazing lifting capability with strength and stability. T³ is designed in a way that a symmetrical triangle can be formed through using 3 of its individual triangular ruler, such design allows each T-ruler to carry 4 scales/graduations. With the built-in precise magnetics, T³ looks no different from standard ruler, but it provides much more functions. T³ is a never-before-seen creative measurement tool.

Along with all Yuan Design Studio's previous designs, T³ follows Yuan's principal concept that focuses on Geometry and Symmetry. T³ is a practical decorated tool, while showcasing its balance and harmony through its geometric patterns when observed from atop.

The 12 scales arrangement of T³ are carefully planned based on habitual use of regular scale rulers:

  • 6 frequent used scales (same as standard scale rulers) engraved on outer triangle - 1:20, 1:30, 1:40, 1:50, 1:60, 1:100
  • 6 special scales engraved on inner triangle - 1:15, 1:25, 1:75, 1:80, 1:125, 1:175


  • Split into 3 separate rulers providing better user experience.
  • Handy and portable
  • Placed firmly on any ferromagnetic material
  • 30° Slope and Mountain-like Hash Marks for easy readings

  • Explicit ratio engraved
  • Built to last

Gently switching to either side of the T-rulers, you can easily measure with the right scale. T³is an ultimate ruler for architects and interior designers.


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