The Eye Graphite Sketching Pencil Set


  • $168.00

The Eye sketching pencil set is designed for art lovers like you. L'oeil (means the eye in French) encourages every artist no matter you are an amateur or a veteran to ignite your fire of drawing again. Its firm and smooth yet break-resistant lead has made it a most-liked with artists. Each pencil is painted with lacquer evenly and finely graduated degrees of hardness. 

Each set comes in packs of 12.

  • Most selected hardness: 3H, H, HB, B, 2B, 4B, 6B, and 10B are selected in this set, with double HB, 2B, 4B, and 6B
  • Use genuine incense cedar wood from California USA: The wood is imported from California's sustainable forest in USA. Incense cedar wood is lightweight and has a strong resistance to withstand the variations in temperature and humidity. It protects the pencils over time. Moreover, it also has a spicy aromatic odor. What's more, cedar wood can help the sharpening process evenly and easily.
  • High-quality lead: The lead is highly break-resistant. It helps artists have a smooth drawing experience. With the soft core, artists can blend their artwork easily.easy to sharpen and erase.
  • Signature logo is imprinted on the top of each pencil. The pink version pencils are imprinted in rose gold; whereas, the dark gray version is imprinted in silver.
  • Matt finishing for Dark Grey Set and Shinny finishing for Pink x Rose Gold Set

 **H pencils indicate a hard lead while B pencils indicate the blackness (or softness) of the lead.The higher the number is on the B side of the scale, the darker the mark will be. The higher the number on the H side of the scale, the lighter the mark will be. An HB pencil lands in the middle of the scale.

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