Pop up Greeting Card - Classic Tram (Legislative Council) | 立體賀卡 - 懷舊電車 (立法局)

Pop up Greeting Card - Classic Tram (Legislative Council) | 立體賀卡 - 懷舊電車 (立法局)


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Hong Kong's culture is very distinctive. POSTalk POP-UP Greeting Card is a paper sculpture art which illustrates a perfect combination of the beauty of traditional Chinese paper craftsmanship and Hong Kong local cultural elements.

Bringing our POSTalk POP-UP Greeting Card home is like sharing Hong Kong culture with your families.

Classic Tram

Classic tram has been a form of commuter transport for over 100 years.  Locals call it "Ding Ding", which symbolize the iconic double bell ring trams use to warn pedestrians of their approach. "Ding Ding" travel between the skyscrapers and the old-styled Tong-Lau. Therefore, passengers can feel the pulse of Hong Kong's prosperity in the tram.

香港文化非常富有特色,POSTalk 立體賀卡以傳統剪紙為基礎,融入香港文化元素,呈現出精緻獨特的紙雕藝術。



懷舊電車有超過一百年歷史,香港人俗稱它爲"叮叮",是因爲行駛時它會發出"叮叮" 聲的警示鈴聲。"叮叮" 穿梭於玻璃高廈與舊式唐樓林立的街道中,乘客可坐在車內細聽和感受香港繁榮的脈搏。

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