POSTalk Light Model - Hong Kong Junk | 光影模型 - 香港帆船


  • $168.00

Hong Kong is one of the most import entrepot in Asia.  In early last century, Chinese sailing junk, which was hand-made by traditional Chinese ship making technique, became an important transportation means. Nowadays, Chinese sailing junk is replaced by modern vessels but has become the icon of Hong Kong.

POSTalk Light Model Series gives you a new experience of the Art of Giving! The exquisite model is created with the combination of LED light and advanced engraving technique. The finest gift that fits perfectly in the palm of your hand.

Awarded Hong Kong Smart Gift Design Award 2014 - Gold (Corporate).

Designed and manufactured in Hong Kong, and collaborate with Hong Kong sheltered workshops - absolutely a true "made in Hong Kong" creative product. 


POSTalk 光影模型以歡樂、愉快為主題,結合先進的雕刻技術及華麗的光影效果,為家居營造浪漫的氣氛。 

當寫上你的祝福,這個精致的模型便會變成難忘珍貴的禮物。榮獲「香港智營設計大賞」2014 - 金奬 (禮品)。



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