DUX Double Marbled Nostalgie Sharpener


  • $109.00

Made from Duroplast (a close relative of Bakelite and Formica) they have the vintage material to go with the vintage aesthetic. Mounted inside the lid is a double hole sharpener, suitable for all pencils up to 12mm wide.

Duroplast is a fibre-reinforced plastic, most famously used for the bodywork of the Trabant - the people’s car of the German Democratic Republic. While this sharpener does not have space for four adults and luggage, it does have a compact and durable shell, and the strong double-hole sharpener inside could be described as its two-stroke engine. And the thin wooden emissions from a pencil sharpener are a lot better for the environment!

German brand DUX was founded in 1908, and focused mostly in the design and manufacturing of exquisite pencil sharpenes. DUX is a family-run company that produces daily use pencils for technical students.

Size: Diameter 5.4cm x Height 6.5cm

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