DUX Double Marbled Nostalgie Sharpener 雙孔大理石花紋復古鉛筆刨


  • $125.00

A classic DUX product since 1936, these double hole sharpeners are sure to bring back some nostalgic memories.

Made from Duroplast (a close relative of Bakelite and Formica) they have the vintage material to go with the vintage aesthetic. Mounted inside the lid is a double hole sharpener, suitable for all pencils up to 12mm wide.

Duroplast is a fibre-reinforced plastic, most famously used for the bodywork of the Trabant - the people’s car of the German Democratic Republic. While this sharpener does not have space for four adults and luggage, it does have a compact and durable shell, and the strong double-hole sharpener inside could be described as its two-stroke engine. And the thin wooden emissions from a pencil sharpener are a lot better for the environment!

German brand DUX was founded in 1908, and focused mostly in the design and manufacturing of exquisite pencil sharpenes. DUX is a family-run company that produces daily use pencils for technical students.

Size: Diameter 5.4cm x Height 6.5cm

這款DUX雙孔鉛筆刨也是由Duroplast製成,鋁製的筆刨內是雙孔磨刀片,標準孔適用於標準尺寸鉛筆與木顏色筆,直徑稍大的孔可以削三角鉛筆、木工鉛筆這些形狀特別的筆種 (筆寬最長可達12mm)。

Duroplast是棉纖維和樹脂的混合物,是一種增強纖維塑膠,因為比較昂貴並且延展性較小,有人形容這塑膠材質像陶瓷一樣的感覺。而被認為融匯了「東德」情感與歷史印記的汽車品牌 Trabant(特拉貝特),車身所用材料正是Duroplast。


德國品牌DUX成立於1908年,主要致力於精美鉛筆刀的設計和製造。 DUX是一家家庭經營的公司,多為專門學生生產日用鉛筆。

尺寸: 直徑 5.4厘米 x 高度 6.5厘米

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