Acrylic Stand 亞加力立牌 - Haru Furi Drinking Coffee in front of Fujikuma-san

Haru and Furi

  • $98.00

在富士熊先生的庇蔭下,Haru 和 Furi 寫意地坐在木凳上嘆咖啡,還有櫻花樹陪襯

Fujikuma-san 個性沉實穩如富士山,是個很好相處的人(熊 :D)




-組裝後尺寸:約 寬95 x 高75 x 深50 mm

In front of Fujikuma-san, under a sakura tree, Haru and Furi are enjoying a cup of coffee.
Fujikuma-san is as steady as Mt. Fuji. He is really a nice guy and rarely lose his temper.

Double sided acrylic stand decoration.
Please follow the instruction to assemble the stand. Don't worry, it's easy :)
There are protective films on both sides of the acrylic boards, please remove the films before using.

-Acrylic stand size after assemble: approx. Width 95 x Height 75 x Depth 50 mm

-Material: Acrylic

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