Showa Style Sports Towel | 昭和風運動毛巾

Haru and Furi

  • $38.00

Take the Haru and Furi sports towel with you to wipe your sweat when you exercise or walking in the sun.  It is comfortable and environmentally friendly!

With Haru and Furi label hanging loop, it is convenient to hang on the bag or hook on the hook to dry~

Square: W25cm x H25cm (+-0.5cm)

Rectangular: W50cm x H25cm (+-0.5cm)

Material: Superfine fiber

➭ Please be aware that the color of the product may vary due to different screen display settings.

隨身攜帶 Haru and Furi 運動小毛巾,擦擦汗,舒服又環保!無論做運動或上街走走都很適合。
附有 Haru and Furi 標籤掛圈,掛在袋子上或勾在掛鉤上晾乾都很方便~

正方形: W25cm x H25cm (+-0.5cm)
長方形: W50cm x H25cm (+-0.5cm)



Haru and Furi 的故事始於2015年。


透過《Haru and Furi》的溫暖動畫及產品,希望人們找到平靜,帶出「理解、諒解、和解」的訊息。

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