A4 Art Print (Framed) - Tram 電車

A4 Art Print (Framed) - Tram 電車

Paper with Pen

  • $280.00

Size : 250 x 300 mm

Who's Paper with Pen?

Michael of Paper with Pen was born and raised in Hong Kong, currently working in the architectural field in London. He has a deep passion in urban sketching from cityscape of downtown alleyways to local corner shops. "Recording our urban environment
through art is not only crucial to the creation of inhabitable space in a city, it also represents our sense of identity of a place."

Michael of Paper with Pen 是一個香港土生土長,正於英國工作的建築設計師,對於城市的建築和人文風景有濃厚的興趣。他希望透過日常的繪畫,記錄我們身邊眾多轉瞬即逝
的平凡街景, 並從此探討城市多變的面貌。


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