Afternoon Tea Pouch 藍藍法國風收納小包 - 藍藍3.3下午茶

Afternoon Tea Pouch 藍藍法國風收納小包 - 藍藍3.3下午茶

Bluey Maniac

  • $100.00

A pouch with French theme designed for Bluey’s exhibition in the 2018 French May Festival.


Size 尺寸: 14 x 21cm.
Shell 面料: PU 
Liner 裏料: Polyester

Who's Bluey?

Bluey is both simple and complex, sometimes a child and sometimes quite grown-up. Her innocence is her weapon against a world that has lost its balance in every possible way. Besides being many cheeky things, Bluey possesses old-fashioned traits that have seen people through during difficult times - resilience, courage and principle. The humour in Bluey is her way of rejecting the mundaneness and bleakness of life.



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