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Fidget Go

  • $49.00

Size 尺寸: approx. 52 x 54 x 26(H) mm
Material 物料: Plastic 塑膠
Designed in Hong Kong 香港設計

香港設計Fidget Go 可以讓玩家撥弄,解決分心焦慮問題的玩具。玩家可透過來回撥弄玩具,不斷重覆同一動作,紓緩煩躁、焦慮、壓力,甚至改善專注力。

The FIDGET GO anti-stress toy will become your reliable companion in any situation, relieving stress and promoting relaxation.

The toy helps to reduce anxiety, tension, stress and even improve focus and concentration, promote relaxation and improve mood, by repeating the same action with the toy e.g. squeezing, pulling or moving around the toy.


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