Art Print - Dai Kam Lung Co. 大金龍參茸虊材海味公司


  • $150.00

Address 地址: 58 Pei Ho St, Sham Shui Po 深水埗北河街58

Grade II historic building 二級歷史建築

This Grade II historic building was built in 1920s and is famous for its unique cantilevered balcony around the corner. Dai Kam Lung Co. has become the host of this traditional Tonglau Since 1970s.


Size: 5R (12.7 x 17.8cm), fits for IKEA 21 x 30 frames
Paper: 300gsm Excellent Fine Art Paper
Paper frame with stands: 16.6 x 21.7cm 


Who's SketcherSid?

Sidney (SketcherSid) is a Hong Kong-based landscape designer, urban sketcher and illustrator. He does sketches everywhere, anytime, by any means. Finger sketch on mobile is one of his favorite ways of portraying the city. He enjoy urban sketching and the process of it that takes him into the story behind. Let's discover more about the unique Hong Kong through his sketching!

Sidney (SketcherSid) 是一名園境設計師/城市速寫畫家。平时的他無所不畫,無時不畫。在記錄香港城市文化的創作中,擅長用手在手提电话上捕捉平凡日常中的不平凡。他享受在每一筆記錄的過程中,切身觀察及了解這座城市的人與物。就讓我們透過他的畫像發現更多的香港故事。

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