Teapot Story Card 茶壺企鵝故事卡

Teapot Story Card 茶壺企鵝故事卡

All Things Bright and Beautiful

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Size : 14.5 x 14.5 cm

Paper : Modigliani, a heavy weight (260gsm) cream white, textured paper made in Italy

Text : Happy Birthday to you ! Let's have a tea party !

Text behind: The world’s smallest penguins used to live in the cold, cold north pole. But they were always shivering from the cold, and they hated the fishy taste of seafood. One day, they saw a big, white teapot floating in the ocean. They climbed in, and after drifting for a week, they found themselves in a warm country. Hot, delicious, brown, liquid flowed into the pot. It was TEA!

The teapot penguins now live in tea, soak in tea, drink tea, swim in tea and eat biscuits in tea. They dedicate their lives to finding the best tea and biscuit combination in the world. And they have never moved back to the north pole!

Blank inside

尺寸:14.5 x 14.5 cm

紙: 260 gsm, Modigliani, 意大利出品

文字翻譯 : 地球上最小的企鵝原本生活在非常寒冷的北極。他們總是冷得發抖,而且他們很討厭海鮮的腥味。有一天,他們看到一個又大又白的茶壺漂浮在海中心。企鵝們爬進去,漂流了一個星期後,他們竟到達一個溫暖的國家。一道熱、香、褐色的液體流入壺裡, 是他們人生第一次看到茶呢!



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