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Milk Carton Story Card 牛奶盒甜品店故事卡

All Things Bright and Beautiful

  • $32.00

Size : 14.5 x 14.5 cm

Paper : Modigliani, a heavy weight (260gsm) cream white, textured paper made in Italy

Text : Happy Birthday ! Have a fabulous year !

Text behind: Milk carton dessert store

Timmy and Jimmy work in the world famous Milk Carton dessert store. Every day, hundreds of animals line up outside the milk carton to buy ice cream and candies. But how does the Milk Carton get their ice cream so creamy and their candy so fabulously sweet?

The secret is in their all-natural ingredients. Every day, Timmy and Jimmy carry buckets of fresh milk from the Milk River. Then they collect chunks of raw chocolate from the Chocolate Mountains. And finally, they gather seven different colors of natural sugars from the Sugar Rainbow. Each of the seven sugars have a distinctly different kind of sweetness. 

After gathering all the ingredients, Timmy and Jimmy experiment with the flavors - mixing, melting and churning in their lab. To this day, they have created more than 7,451 ice cream flavors!

Blank inside

尺寸:14.5 x 14.5 cm

紙: 260 gsm, Modigliani, 意大利出品

文字翻譯 : 添美和吉美在世界著名的牛奶盒甜品店工作。每一天,都有數百隻動物來到這裡排隊買雪糕和糖果。動物們經常驚嘆為什麼牛奶盒甜品店能造出如此柔滑的雪糕和如此甜美的糖果?

其實秘密就在於他們的全天然材料! 每天,添美和吉美都會攜帶大桶到牛奶河提取最新鮮的牛奶。然後,他們爬上巧克力山收集大塊的巧克力原料。最後,他們會到甜彩虹收集七種不同顏色的天然糖粒。每一種顏色都有不同的甜度和獨特的風味。

收集完所有材料,添美和吉美會在牛奶盒甜品店內創作不同的口味 - 他們會在實驗室裡將不同的 元素混合、溶化、攪動直至調出可口的味道。時至今日,他們已經創造了超過7,451種雪糕口味!


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