Book of Travel Journal 出走硏習本

Someday Stationery

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Somedeay Stationery: Study Book Series - Book of Travel Journal:  record down all the details of each journey you take, from all related arrangements to what you see and what you think for each place you've been to.  And turn each journey to your collective memory.

Product specifications
Cover: Special paper 250G
Aging: Never Ends.
Paper thickness: 100G <~ very thick!
Additional Notes: 76 pages
Size: A5 14.8 x 21 cm
Place of Origin: HONG KONG

Inner page details
● 100g thick forest paper
● Handmade thread book
● Hong Kong Design Format

有朝一日 : 研習本系列 - 出走硏習本: 好好記錄你每一個旅程的每一點滴,包括所有的行程安排,以至在旅程中的所有見聞和所思所想,讓你的每一個旅程成爲你個人的回憶錄。

封面 : 特種紙 250G
時效:Never Ends.
紙厚:100G <~很厚唷!
尺寸: A5 14.8 x 21 cm

● 100g厚道林紙
● 手工車線本
● 香港設計師設計格式


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