Chroma Blends Watercolor Paint Set - Pearlescent (Set of 12) Pearlescent 珠光金屬固體水彩


  • $98.00

Giving watercolor projects a fresh shine and shimmer is now easier than ever. With this watercolor paint set of 12 blendable pearlescent colors, you can make up an infinite amount of new colors on the spot, each with a fun metallic sheen. All you need is a splash of water, some Chroma Blends watercolor paper, and your imagination!

    • Easy to Use - With a brush included and a lid that doubles as a watercolor pallet, just add water to start crafting beautiful works of art right away!
    • Works on Dark Paper - Broaden creative horizons by using watercolors on black paper for a stunning effect, making this far more exciting than other standard watercolor kits.
    • 12 Bright Colors - This set of pearlescent watercolors comes with 12 different shimmering pastel colors that pop, so you'll have plenty of options to make wonderful works of art that stay vibrant with water. Mix colors for endless possibilities!
    • Kids Love It - A unique gift for any artistic child or adult, these pearlescent watercolors make for an activity kids will keep coming back to for hours of creative fun. Safe for children ages 6 and up.
    • Handy and Portable - This pack of watercolor paint comes in a clear plastic box for easy portability and storage, making this a great option that kids can even bring to school.

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