DécoBrush Metallic 10-color Set with Metal Box


  • $228.00

DécoBrush Metallic markers are a great solution for creating decorations and calligraphy. They contain a non-toxic metallic pigment that perfectly covers white and black surfaces. The pigment forms a uniform metallic layer that remains resistant to light and water after drying. They work great on surfaces such as paper, wood, ceramics, glass, metal and plastic. 


  • A set of 10 DécoBrush Metallic markers, color including: Metallic Black, Blue, Pink, Red-gold, Gold, Copper, Silver, Light green, Green, Violet.


  • Each pen contains 2.4ml of non-toxic metallic pigment. Their ‘Liquid Ink Technology’ means that your marker will maintain the colour intensity up until the very last drop of ink has been used. These pens are also twice more efficient than traditional filter markers.
  • The Japanese nylon tip is exceptionally durable and is brilliantly responsive to changes in pressure and direction. This quality in particular makes them well suited to calligraphy or hand lettering techniques!
  • The barrel is of a comfortable weight and size in the hand, which makes creating smooth even strokes much easier.
  • Each pen also features a clear barrel, allowing you to keep track of the amount of ink remaining in the marker. Colour selection is made quick and easy as the pen cap is colour matched to the ink. The cap also has a handy pen clip to hold your pen in your sketchbook or in a pocket.

What is Karin Brushmarker PRO pens?

Karin Brushmarker PRO pens are designed by a Poland Calligraphy enthusiast,  Sylwester Ambroziak. He loves hand lettering at any place any time. However, many regular markers cannot satisfy his need because the nips are either not flexible enough to create smooth thick to thin strokes or the colors are too soft and spiritless. In 1989, he decided to make his own markers and manufacture range of pens. Since then they have created new, innovative drawing and sketching tools with the modern day artist firmly in mind. Their range allows artists to add a creative flourish to everyday tasks like writing and doodling while creating a product that also allows free reign on creativity.

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