Dryck - Water Carafe


  • $119.00

Dryck is a water carafe of OMMO designed to serve various types of beverages from water, iced tea, coffee to fruit infused juices and more. It features a uniquely designed flip-top stopper which opens automatically when pouring water. The stainless steel cover and plastics spout allow smooth flow into the glass without splash while holding back ice cubes and large chunks of fruit. The shape is slightly-tapered and modern. Dryck is dishwasher safe and fits in any standard refrigerator.

Size: 270 x 85 mm
Volume: 1 L
Material: Glass, 304 Stainless Steel, PP


尺寸:270 x 85 毫米
容量:1 公升
物料:玻璃、304 不鏽鋼、聚丙烯

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