Epoca P Ballpoint Pen


  • $70.00

北歐知名的瑞典品牌 BALLOGRAF,創立於1945年。推出的 Epoca P 系列原子筆,其耐久性藍色筆墨,書寫長度8000米,更獲瑞典國家檔案墨水認證。瑞典原廠的筆芯按壓機械結構,清脆俐落。低調優雅的筆身,展露經典雋永的姿態,多種恬淡雅緻的色彩搭配精緻的銀色金屬筆夾配件,襯映雅仕名媛出色風釆。


The Epoca P is a Ballograf classic, designed in the early 60’s and has become voraciously popular in Sweden and abroad. The pen is available in many different colours, which enables you to personalize it to your preference. The design truly makes the ballpoint-pen a must have for everyone.

The Epoca P is not only comfortable in the hand but also endlessly reliable. The Ballograf original ink is certified Swedish archive and writes 8 000 m.

This pen has every prerequisite to follow you on your journey through life.

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