Exlicon Magnetic Pen 磁性筆


  • $367.00

The Ergonomic Writing, Designing and Crafting Tool

The Exlicon Magnetic Pen is a dynamic tool that allows you to create your best work, as the essential every-day tool for writing, designing and cutting, no matter you’re designers, writers, architects, businessmen or travellers. 

The pen is designed with the optimal shape for continuous handheld use, so that gripping your working tool is never uncomfortable. It helps to reduce hand fatigue and cramping, so that you can produce higher quality work for longer and enhance your experience in the process.

3 color options: Black, Rose Gold and Gold

Interchangeable cutter included.

Ddiin磁性筆是一支多元化的工具,無論你是設計師, 作家, 建築師, 商人或在旅客, 它都可用作日常書寫或化身作美工刀

三種顔色選擇: 黑色, 玫瑰金色, 金色



Product Features 產品特點:

1. Triangular Design 三角形設計

The pen’s triangular shape perfectly slots into the user’s natural grip, allowing the fingers to wrap naturally around the tool like an extension of your hand, preventing hand fatigue and ensuring comfort throughout use.

What’s more, the edged, triangular shape doubles up as an anti-roll mechanism. This means the Exlicon Magnetic Pen can’t roll off your desk and disrupt your workflow until you can relocate it.

三角形筆身設計符合人體工學的舒適握感,讓手指自然地包覆在筆身周圍, 避免手部疲勞。


2. Magnetic Pen Cap 磁性筆蓋

The magnetic pen cap magnetically attaches to both the head and tail of the pen, eliminating the need for twisting or screwing the cap on and off.


3. Interchangeable Tip 可換裝筆芯

The Magnetic Pen is more than just a pen. It’s a multi-functional tool that you can harness by simply switching the tip.

Made of three parts – the cap, barrel (body) and tail – the Exlicon Magnetic Pen is held together by magnetic rings installed within the cutter, which secure the parts together, ensuring you’re able to use the cutter tip safely. The blade is encased within the rings preventing the sharp edge from sticking out and being a safety hazard.

The Exlicon Magnetic Pen is compatible with both pen tips and hobby knife blades. By switching the tips you can use the Exlicon Magnetic Pen as either a pen or a hobby knife.

To switch the tips, all you need to do is rotate the tip already in the Exlicon Magnetic Pen and remove it. Then, you can take your desired tip, rotate it and slot it into the empty pen body to make use of your pen’s multifunctionality.

The Exlicon Magnetic Pen uses a commonly used, easily accessible refill: the Zebra JF refill, in a size from 0.1 to 0.5mm, Pilot BXS-V5RT refill, in a size from 0.38 to 0.5mm and Muji gel ink ballpoint pen refill, from 0.38 to 0.5mm . These are roughly 111m long and 6.5 in diameter, which is a perfect fit of the dimensions of the Exlicon Magnetic Pen. You can get a hobby knife refill of the same size.



磁性筆使用市場上常見的斑馬JF筆芯。你可以使用0.3毫米、0.4毫米或0.5毫米版本。 斑馬JF筆芯長約111毫米,直徑6.5毫米,全部由金屬製成。還有一種美工刀筆芯,適合需要精細切割的DIY愛好者。

4. Lead Free

The manufacturing process is free from lead, heavy metals and other substances harmful to human health.


5. Corrosion Resistant 耐腐蝕

The Exlicon Magnetic Pen is made from premium aluminium. This makes the pen incredibly durable, corrosion resistant and built to last, so your pen will look – and function – like new for its lifetime.

磁性筆由優質鋁材料製成。這些材料具有很高的耐腐蝕性, 並持久耐用, 讓你可永久使用。



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