Exlicon MX Aerospace Aluminum Combo B


  • $698.00

From circles to squares, to hexagons and pentagrams, draw large shapes and small, rolling measure feature and paper cutter.

Exlicon MX Aerospace Aluminium Combo B is a multi-functional drawing tool able to draw a huge range of shapes, with diameters as small as 10mm or as large as 475mm, unleashing your creativity without restriction.

The unique Exlicon MX drawing tool combines a campus, protractor, ruler, golden ratio tool, curved ruler, measuring tape and more into one metal aluminium and stainless steel machined precision drawing tool.

  • Aerospace Aluminium Long Wing
  • Aerospace Aluminium Waterdrop Wing
  • Aerospace Aluminium Base

Sizes of circles and shapes you can draw with Exlicon MX

  • Circles from 10mm (0.4 inch) to 634mm (24.9 inches) in diameter or more: that is as large as an A0 paper.
  • One Straight Wing: 160mm /6.3 inches radius (320mm/12.59inches diameter)
  • Two Straight wings: 317mm / 12.48 inches radius (634mm/24.9inches diameter)

Materials used

  • Aluminium Aerospace offers similar strength and durability as stainless steel but is much lighter (a third of the weight of stainless steel) and more portable.
  • Resistant to corrosion and are highly durable.
  • Designed to last a lifetime and are 100% recyclable.



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