Fragrant Harbour - A4 Art Print in White Frame

Fragrant Harbour - A4 Art Print in White Frame

Richard Crosbie Art

  • $500.00

Watercolour painting by artist Richard Marc Crosbie depicting a true traditional Chinese sailing junk as seen circa 1980 (which was inspired from a donated photo reference) set against the Modern Hong Kong cityscape.

  • Print dimensions: 33.5cm x 24.5cm
  • Frame dimensions: 40cm x 30cm

Bio of Richard Marc Crosbie:

Richard is a Product Designer originally from South Wales, UK and has been living in Hong Kong for the past 25 years, working as a Toy designer.  He has recently began expanding his capabilities to include sketching and painting where he draws inspiration from our home city and local cultural surroundings.  He enjoys exploring a range of media including pens, inks, pastels & watercolours and practices both plain air urban sketching done on site and working on longer studies In the studio.  His aim to to capture the reality of life in this amazing city across different scales, from both cityscapes to the more personal individual figure.


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