"Hong Kong Heritage" Postcard - Shrimp Paste

EastPro Gallery

  • $25.00

Shrimp Paste - Fisherman drying shrimp paste is a traditional cultural practice in HK that has existed for hundreds of years. Owing to the accelerating urbanization and the shrinking of the fishing industry. The practice of drying shrimp paste faces the risk of disappearing.

Printed on Japanese paper.
Size 178mm x 127mm.


'Hong Kong Caligraphy' Postcards by awards-winning photographer, Tsui Piu.

Mr. Tsui Piu is a well-known photographer, freelance article writer and is a member of many societies, such as the China Photographers Association, the Images Copyright Society of China, Hong Kong Photographic Society etc. He is also a contract photographer of China Tourism and the Guangming Daily. Piu has also won nearly 300 awards.  He specializes in photography and documentary of culture and heritage.


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