Hoop 2 - Serving Bowl


  • $190.00

The serving bowl is the way we serve snacks, dip and collect. The modular design features a circular dish plus a three section tray where you can put cherries, nuts, chips and more. The dish rests on collection container which doubles as a stand to dispose of unsightly food waste. The centre holds a dish for sauce or toothpicks. Used individually the collection container is perfect for bread or carrot sticks.

Winner of Good Design Award from Japan

Dimension: 195 x 80 mm
Materials: Melamine, Nylon

這個小食盤的獨特設計就是可以同時間盛載食物、點塗醬料及收納食餘。這套組合包括一個托座, 托座上的圓碟,一個三格碟,以及放在托座中心的小杯。圓碟為小食盤,小杯可盛載醬汁或牙籤,而托座則是食物殘餘的收納器皿。托座在單獨使用時可以放置條狀小食如甘荀條、青瓜條等。


尺寸: 195 × 80 mm
物料: 密胺,食品級安全矽膠

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