HUG Wallet


  • $88.00

The HUG Wallet offers enough space for all your important cards, keys and coins. Organize with everything in one place, ready when you need them.

The HUG Wallet is designed to give you quick access to everything inside and out. Situated on the front and back are straps that offer the possibility to quickly clip business cards, cash or receipts. HUG’s stretchy silicone lid allows for fun and easy access to cards, keys, or money. The bands outside secures frequently used cards.

The aircraft aluminum case provides sturdy protection as well as prevents any radio (RFID) or magnetic transfer of sensitive credit card info. on the outside.

Size: 11.5cm x 6cm x 1.4cm


  • Minimal design
  • RFID security - maximum security for your cards
  • For all credit cards, business cards, bank notes, keys, etc ...
  • Simple, uncomplicated, one-handed operation 
  • Robust aluminum, suitable for outdoor use
  • Has space for:  20 business cards, 9 plastic cards, or 7 credit cards


於德國設計的Hug Wallet殼式皮夾,使用高品質材料所製,功能多、且耐用!打開有彈性的矽膠蓋,便可拿取內裝的卡片、鑰匙或者零錢等;外殼的伸縮帶也能將常用的物品套牢,不但增加收納空間,且方便隨時快速攜取。時尚有型的鋁製外殼不只堅固,還有防無線射頻辨識系統(RFID)的功能,避免有心人士盜取寶貴的個人、或信用卡資料!

尺寸: 11.5cm x 6cm x 1.4cm


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