Hum Chuk Tote Bag - Violin | 含蓄布袋 - 小提琴

Musician Designer

  • $260.00

Material 材質: 100% polyester 

Size 尺寸: 40cm (H) x 33cm (W)

Machine washable 可機洗

Artist: @humchuk

Hum Chuk is good at using simple lines to convey a deep story.

This is a collaboration between Hum Chuk and Musician Designer to express the meaning of musical performance, especially live music, with simple lines.


The design concept originates from a question - "What is music?"


To the author, music is a language, an in-depth communication, and also a mutual appreciation and cooperation.


The picture shows the front and back of the bag, with one side showing a musician playing a musical instrument, connected by a simple line, to the audience enjoying the music on the other side of the bag. Putting the two sides together forms a picture of two musicians playing together ~ It’s so special.


今次,含蓄特別與Musician Designer 合作,用簡單嘅線條,表達出音樂演奏,特別是現場音樂演奏(Live Music) 嘅意義。



圖中顯示袋的正反兩面,一面是音樂家在演奏,一條簡單線條連住袋的另一面,是一班/一個正在欣賞音樂的觀眾。如果兩個袋放在一起,亦可以構成兩個演奏家在合作演奏的畫面~ 非常特別

About Musician Designer

Musician Designer is a Gift Design and Production firm focusing on Music and Art Theme, run by Musicians.

The idea "From the Musicians' point of views'' is the key factor shared among all "Musician Designers" products and this is the most distinguishable difference to all other Music gifts in the world. When they are developing their products, they are looking for every detail of Musician's daily life, as well as the details of the instrument itself.  They also have a wide variety of their products, from most popular Piano, Violin to all the small toys in Percussion family, Bass Clarinet, Piccolo and Soprano Saxophone, etc. 


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