Ideas Postcard 想法明信片

All Things Bright and Beautiful

  • $15.00

Size : 14.3 x 9.7 cm

Paper : Modigliani, a heavy weight (260gsm) cream white, textured paper made in Italy

Text : Collecting ideas, sifting ideas, waiting for ideas, experimenting with ideas, a bit of squeezing, suddenly getting hit with an idea, not having anywhere to write down idea, trying desperately to keep idea in head, gosh why is it 2 am again.

Blank at the back


尺寸:14.3 x 9.7 cm

紙: 260 gsm, Modigliani, 意大利出品

文字翻譯: 有時候,新的想法就是這樣,要收集、要等候、要嘗試

創作是一件有趣的事! 不過轉眼間已經晚上兩點啦!!!



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