Jumbo Magic Pencil


  • $32.00

Each Koh-I-Noor jumbo magic pencil has cores containing a swirl of three different colors.  Unlike other multicolour pencils on the market, the colours are really randomly dispersed throughout the lead, making them amazing fun to draw, colour or write with!


Options available:
- Original: core mix of red, yellow & green
- America Blue: core mix of red, blue and white
- Fire: core mix of red, orange and yellow
- Tropical: core mix of purple, yellow and blue
- Neon: core mix of neon orange, neon blue and neon yellow


  • Swirled, multi-colour creates a constantly changing colour effect when drawing or writing (others in the market are made of split sections so colour doesn't change easily).
  • Oil based Multicoloured pencils, Exceptional Artist Quality, 100% FSC Wood
  • Lightfast, Artist Grade
  • Extra thick, 6mm colour stripe
  • Pencil is fully bonded for break resistance.
  • Water Resistant, ideal for sketching, drawing, illustrating & Adult Colouring Books
  • Hexagonal Shape, Lead thickness: 5.6 mm, Length: 175 mm


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