Klip 0.5mm Metal Gel Pen | Klip 0.5mm金屬按壓式走珠筆


  • $45.00

  • Anodized aluminium body makes the pen sturdy and durable, while also giving it a sophisticated look with a matte finish.
  • features an iconic arrow pocket clip design in a premium finish, keeping it safe in your pocket while adding a graceful look.
  • Pen nib: 0.5mm
  • 陽極氧化鋁合金加磨砂三角形筆身, 手感重量適中,沈穏有致。
  • 按壓式設計,加上特別設計筆夾,外形優雅,也可安心放在衣袋。
  • 5mm 筆尖

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