Kodomo Nyanko Bath Ball 3 (Green Tea Favor) | Kodomo Nyanko 貓咪好朋友沐浴球 3 (綠茶味)


  • $39.00

Each bath ball contains a cute Kodomo Nyanko mascot, a total of 7 (including a secret version), which are randomly shipped and for you to discover.  

Put the bath ball into the water, and after it melts, the cute mascot will surface! Fragrance: Green Tea

* Children under 12 years old must use this product under adult supervision

每顆沐浴球都內含1個可愛Kodomo Nyanko公仔,共7款(含隱藏版公仔),採隨機出貨,就讓我們一起收集吧!

將入浴球放入水中,等溶化後可愛公仔就會浮出水面喔! 香味:綠茶味


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