Lasso Trivet


  • $74.00

Lasso is a collapsible trivet designed to grip and protect the table top. Its twistable design allows it to close and open with ease. Just twisting outward, it becomes a ring as a table mat. After use, it can be simply twisted inward to the slim ‘I’ form. With hidden magnet, the trivet can stay in the reduced shape for easy storage. Fun to twist, use and store.

Winner of Reddot Design Award from Germany

Dimension: 135 x 18 mm
Materials: Silicone

Lasso 是可收摺的餐桌隔熱墊。物料上採用耐熱的硅膠,其獨特的條狀形設計,只需在其兩端向外翻動,便輕易翻出圓狀形的餐桌墊,隨時使用。而把Lasso向內翻動,它便收摺成條狀形,加上內置的磁石,使其固定,易於收藏。這翻動的設計,一翻一摺,一用一藏,趣味無窮。


尺寸: 135 × 18 mm
物料: 食品級安全矽膠

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