Layering Art 15W Wireless Charger - Hong Kong Nostalgia | 浮雕畫 15W無線快速充電器 - 懷舊香港


  • $228.00

Replacing the charging cable with a simple and ingenious wireless charger not only keeps the desk in order, but also gives the artistic atmosphere to the home and office. Just place the device with the protective case on the wireless charger, it quickly restores power through 15W, bringing a different feeling to smart life.


Interface 接口: Type-C
Input 輸入: 5V/2A 9V/2A 12V/1.5A
Output 輸出: 5W/7.5W/10W/15W
Fast charge 快充: QC3.0/PD
Charge conversion rate 充電轉化率: >72%
Material 材質: ABS
Size 尺寸: 99*10mm

* The pattern of this product is printed and the design is inspired by paper art.
* 本產品之圖案為材面印刷,設計靈感來自紙藝


Fast charging, maximum output 15W 快速充電 最高輸出 15W
Compatible with various smart devices that support Qi wireless charging, The charger can provide the most suitable current according to different devices. The connector uses Type-C (USB power cord is included with the product). It can quickly charge your device no matter you are working or taking a rest.

兼容各款支援Qi無線充電的智能裝置,能根據不同裝置給予最適合的電流,連接頭使用 Type-C (隨產品附送USB電源線)。無論工作或休息,都能為你的裝置快速充電。

Art of Layering, Extreme Details 藝術浮雕 盡顯層次
Unlike normal single-sided printing, FingerART implements the pursuit of fine product details. The wireless charger adopts a multi-layer design to create an artistic layering effect. Placed on the table, it becomes a piece of art with practical function in the home and office.


Thin and light, recharge at any time 輕薄外型 隨放隨充
The charger is thin and light weighted which can be easily carried when traveling. When in use, the soft light indicator will automatically display the charging status, allowing you to rest and charge at ease.



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