Letterpress Postcard - Blake Pier | 活版印刷明信片-卜公碼頭

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The Blake Pier was completed on Dec 29, 1900.  It was a ferry pier in Central, Hong Kong and named after Sir Henry Arthur Blake, the twelfth governor of Hong Kong.

Since its completion in 1900 till 1925, the Pier was the designated landing point for royalty, gov-ernors and other VIPs on HK Island, and also used to hold welcome or farewell ceremonies; until it was replaced by Queen's Pier completed in 1925. 

The first generation of the pier was demolished on May 15, 1965; with its steel pavilion preserved, dismantled and rebuilt in Morse Park in Wong Tai Sin, Kowloon.  In 2006, the pavilion was again dismantled, restored to its original condition; and  relocated to Stanley, where it stands next to Murray House, which was similarly relocated brick by brick. The pier is now known as the Blake Pier at Stanley.

The second generation of the pier was officially opened on May 15, 1965 with a length of 580 feet and a garden on its top cover, one of the very few green zone in Central. It was demolished in 1993 to cope with the Central Reclamation Phase 1 project

Size: 148 x 100mm (A6)
Paper: 600gsm Japanese cotton paper
The back is suitable for ink pen or ballpoint pen writing
Made in HongKong

卜公碼頭(英語:Blake Pier)於1900年12月29日落成,是原位於香港中環的一個渡輪碼頭,名稱取自香港第十二任總督卜力爵士。



尺寸:148 x 100mm (A6)
用紙:600gsm 日本棉紙

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