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Musician Designer

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Musician Designer co-operate with TinBot created a set of Music theme Collectable Art Toys! All parts were embedded with magnet and can be perfectly collected in the tin box, hands can be spinned and detachable, such flexibility allows you to use it as phone stand, card stand, photo stand and Pen holder!

Height of toy: 13cm
Height of box: 7cm
Size: W50mm X H78mm X D56mm
Weight: 100g

//Choking Hazard: this product contains functional magnetic small parts. Not for children under 14 years old//

Musician Designer與TinBot聯乘設計帶有音樂元素的鐵盒。
集合人偶及功能性文具於一體的磁力創意玩偶, 送禮及收藏必屬佳品。

– 帶有磁力的小部件能有序地收納於鐵盒子中
– 多功能桌上擺設, 例如: 手機座, 筆座, 咭片座, 小盒子, 磁力文具等

擺件高 13cm
淨盒高 7cm
呎吋大小: W50mm X H78mm X D56mm
重量: 100g

//窒息危險: 此產品含小配件並含有功能性磁石, 不適合十四歲以下兒童使用 //

About Musician Designer

Musician Designer is a Gift Design and Production firm focusing on Music and Art Theme, run by Musicians.

The idea "From the Musicians' point of views'' is the key factor shared among all "Musician Designers" products and this is the most distinguishable difference to all other Music gifts in the world. When they are developing their products, they are looking for every detail of Musician's daily life, as well as the details of the instrument itself.  They also have a wide variety of their products, from most popular Piano, Violin to all the small toys in Percussion family, Bass Clarinet, Piccolo and Soprano Saxophone, etc. 


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