Ocean Storybook 《給對生活不再期待的》小書

All Things Bright and Beautiful

  • $45.00

所以想了這個 「給......」系列,盼望藉著這些小書,傳遞一點點心意。

曾經埋藏的種子 能再次栽種

一本小書 願能再次為你加添 一點勇氣

18頁的全彩色故事書,是書也可以是卡! 是一個溫暖的方式將你想表達的信息送給朋友。

尺寸:14.3 x 10 cm
紙: 200g 水彩畫紙
信封:120g 米白色


An 18-page full color storybook that is also a card! A creative way to send a personalized, encouraging and warm message.

Sometimes we feel like we’re drifting in the ocean, numb and unmotivated. If we could dive to the bottom of the ocean, what would we find? A long lost dream?

This is a book for someone who feels like there’s nothing to look foward to. May you have the courage to find your deepest desires, and the patience to plant that seed of a dream, water it and watch it grow.

Language: Chinese
Size: 14.3 x 10 cm
Paper : 200 gsm textured paper 
Envelope: Cream white (120 gsm)

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