Oio Oil, Vinegar, Soy Sauce Bottle


  • $84.00

Oio is a bottle dispenser for vinegar, oil and other sauces. Its nozzle has non-drip design which makes seasoning easy and keeps the bottle clean. The silicone stopper features a hole and allows users to control the flow of pouring. The bottle dispenser is made of hand-blown clear glass in an elegant tapered form.

Size: 98 x 127 mm
Volume: 200 ml
Material: Glass, Silicone

Oio 是OMMO的醬料玻璃瓶,可盛載油、醋和其他調味料。油瓶嘴的防滴漏設計讓調味更容易,而且能避免弄污瓶身。硅膠瓶塞上的氣孔能讓用者更方便控制醬料流出。醬料瓶是手工吹製玻璃製成,亮麗剔透,呈錐形,美觀優雅。

尺寸:98 x 127 毫米
容量:200 毫升

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