Oval Greeting Card - Sun・Moon | 橢圓形心意卡 - 晝夜星辰

About These Days

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"God made two great lights—the greater light to govern the day and the lesser light to govern the night. He also made the stars. God set them in the vault of the sky to give light on the earth, to govern the day and the night, and to separate light from darkness. And God saw that it was good." Genesis 1:16-18

Paper 300gsm heavy-weight cotton card
Oval A6 size (105 vertical x 148 mm horizontal)
Debossed effect
Heavy-weight pearlescent envelope included

「神說:「天上要有光體,可以分晝夜,做記號,定節令、日子、年歲, 並要發光在天空,普照在地上。」事就這樣成了。 於是神造了兩個大光,大的管晝,小的管夜,又造眾星。 就把這些光擺列在天空,普照在地上, 管理晝夜,分別明暗。神看著是好的。」創世記 1:16-18

橢圓形 A6 尺寸(縱向 105 x 橫向 148 毫米)
附 重磅珠光顏色信封


Who's About These Days?

At the heart of our brand, we seek to cherish and give thanks for every little moment in life.

With a purpose to bring alive our God-given gift of creativity, we hope our products will speak the truth and bring about healing into people’s lives. In this way, our craft forms the path we take to serve as good stewards of God’s varied grace (1 Peter 4:10).

About These Days的核心是透過每天細膩的反思,為生活中的大小時刻感恩;同時亦致力支持並培育獨立品牌設計。

我們藉由屬天的創意,寄望以精心打造的手作產品道出真理並為人們帶來醫治,從而成為神恩賜的良好管家(彼得前書 4:10)。

藉由屬天的創意,寄望以精心打造的手作產品道出真理並為人們帶來醫治,從而成為神恩賜的良好管家(彼得前書 4:10)。

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