Piano keyboard sticker 鋼琴貼紙

Healing Voices

  • $79.00

 Designed specially for piano learners. Coded in bright colours for easy recognition and reading, support both note and fingering reading.

✅Removable: made of Silicone, easy to peel and do not damage any surfaces

✅Reusable: fun for beginners to peel and place them on new keys as they learn

✅Washable: wipe them with wet towel or tissues and they can be reused

36 pieces of notes for black and white keys, and numbers for fingering.

  • 14 stickers from C to B notes (2 octaves)
  • 10 stickers from 1-5 for fingering
  • 12 stickers for sharps and flats







  • 14張C-B提示貼紙(兩個八度)
  • 10張1-5手指位提示貼紙
  • 12張升/降號提示貼示


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