PIGMENT Decobrush - Pastel Colors (Set of 12)


  • $359.00

PIGMENT decobrush Pastel Colors Collection containing 12 markers in an exclusive case for easy use and to protect the markers. Colors that are included in the collection:

pastel yellow 100U, pastel pumpkin 156U, pastel orange 1555U, pastel light green 358U, pastel green 337U, pastel blue 283U, pastel pink 2365U, pastel red lilac 2562U, pastel magenta red 1895U, pastel red 203U, pastel violet blue 2705U, pastel violet 2635U

Karin Pigment DecoBrush are opaque, acrylic paints enclosed in a marker with a flexible, brush-like-tip. To create, just shake the marker. Paints can be combined, lightened and tonal transitions achieved by contacting the tips of the markers or directly on the painted surface. Acrylic, opaque paint allows to create on various surfaces, such as: glass, paper, plastic, wood, stone, canvas, and use the technique of applying layers and mixing colors directly on the image.  After drying, they are lightfast, permanent and opaque. 

Pigment DecoBrush markers contain 2.4 ml of acrylic, opaque and non-toxic organic pigment based paints. They have been produced in the technology of "liquid ink" just like our other markers and thanks to that, they allow paint consumption in 100%.

*Markers should always be stored in their original packaging or in a horizontal position, with the tip pointing slightly downwards*


  • Each pen contains 2.4ml of extremely fluid, water-based paint made with dye. The ink is also non toxic. Their ‘Liquid Ink Technology’ means that your marker will maintain the colour intensity up until the very last drop of ink has been used. These pens are also twice more efficient than traditional filter markers.
  • The Japanese nylon tip is exceptionally durable and is brilliantly responsive to changes in pressure and direction. This quality in particular makes them well suited to calligraphy or hand lettering techniques!
  • The barrel is of a comfortable weight and size in the hand, which makes creating smooth even strokes much easier.
  • Each pen also features a clear barrel, allowing you to keep track of the amount of ink remaining in the marker. Colour selection is made quick and easy as the pen cap is colour matched to the ink. The cap also has a handy pen clip to hold your pen in your sketchbook or in a pocket.


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